AG (8-02-1990 / Thomasville, Georgia)

My Angel (Rap)

(Hook) And i wonder, do you know how i feel about you, and i wonder do you know how i think about you? do you? huh i do... i do...

I already know that you got me next to you and with that im gonna protect you against any odds of the world that should ever come to harm you but i know we share the same old fear the fear of ever losing one of another to anything tragic god please dont let let it be fatal if so let me be an angel so i can look over my angel in my heart which shall never be torn apart.


Now i aint giving up on you cause my feelings wont ever let me and thats the truth my wings aint shot down so i know my dreams cant be denied and i know you know what i mean by dream cause thats you a cutie like you i couldnt lose not today nor tommorow i aint trying to reach for sorrow im trying to make f-a-l-l-e-n in love with you to true and thats how i feel


(and i wonder) five years ago i couldnt ever believe that me and you could have ever made it through the years and i know you shed to many tears and i regret that from my heart but we knew we could make it and on the other side was a better day than the start so now we can run away to any place and travel the world hand in hand cause you will always be my angel

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