Sweet Babe

Sweet babe! Don't cry for love
Let it come in freely and with dignity.
Keep yourself in smiling face,
Some strawberries store in the freeze
And keep open your mind- window
In moonlight it'll come like south-breeze.
The old woman of moon who turns a spinning-wheel
If misguides it, don't break your heart.
Mind it… this life is not for only getting love
But giving loves someone else too…
Second option is better for you!

by Zillur Rahman Shuvro

Comments (4)

What amazing description of a day... and of moods. Only a true poet can do this.
What a loving poem! He gives her a deeper character by adding grief than she would have had if he only portrayed her as sunny. I think we have just been gifted with a peek in the daily lives of a couple deeply in love and it was, pardon the adjective, sweet
Sweet rivulets of laughter! Nice piece of work.
Superb poem with amazing flow depicting motley moods of the April lady in a magnificent manner.