My Army Of One

Poem By Donna Nimmo

My son is being deployed, a heavy burden on my heart
It won't be long, counting the days and minutes when he will depart
Oh please god send a guardian angel, to keep him from harm
He's a gentle soul and will have to always carry a sidearm

He's still my little boy, I diapered and bounced on my knee
I raised him from birth, such a proud father for all the world to see
I know he's become a man, and wants us all to be free
So he will risk his own life, fighting across the sea

He wants to make his life keeping America from harm
If only you could know him, he's so good and full of charm
Please keep him in your prayers, when you bow your head at night
He won't have a choice, he will be proud to fight

He will feel it's his honor and duty, to protect us all at home
He will hunt out terrorists, where ever they may roam
So please keep him in your thoughts, he will always be in mine
He will go to that spot needed, where ever they assign!

Written for my son and his daddy.
By Dogs4donna

© 2007 Dogs4donna (All rights reserved)

Comments about My Army Of One

Beautiful poem. a lot of emotions here. It's more a prayer than a poem, in my eyes.

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