'My Babe, My Bane'

Rose, could you ever turn rust I never knew
These affections of mine centred on your lonely palace
Babe you never gave me time to appreciate this
Like cat and rat do we live under same roof
I thought this was ephemeral to our emotional memories
Anyway nobody ever dreamt of the best beauty
Yet I tried to dream such dreams of caress
So as to presentably keep my balls off beauties
Though I knew the war of beauty has no finish
Yet I reinforced boxing the battle to nitch the climax
But you never soften these banes of mine
Since it was already foretold in the memorable day our day
It was never a song we sing twice not even in our dreams
But we would rather esconce ourselves
Even though the banes are internally felt
This have I been observing since I have to accept
Those things stipulated unchangeable
I hope to forestall this in the next generation
During new birth after our happy death
Which might be spontaneous but rather foretold.

by Israel Dammy Ipaye

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