After The School Studies.....

School children, the naughty ones
The beautiful ones, innocent ones
The lovable ones, joyful ones
School children, greater are they
The events of life, school life
The events of life, future life
The rad map is ready, start from schools
The right signal the teachers gives
The right hope there they gets
School life, precious life
Precious moments, parting moments
Precious knowledge prettily accepts
The school days curious days
The nature friendly, friendship with nature
Seeking helps, seeing scenery
Even serpents makes friendship to child
Hoods they shows, hoods they folds
The little one looks amazing feelings
The hooded one crawls to holes
The caring ones, teachers gets back students
Careful ways teachers tells,
Caring ways the students opts
Future life, in ways of life
His old teacher, the pensioner one
Sees his student in decent ways
A smile in the face, pride in mind
Hai! he wishes, sir, old student responds
The relationship never it dies.

by Gangadharan nair Pulingat..

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