My Baby And I

Together, my man and I
Lie together to join my baby and I.
The gracious Lord, how can this be?
God's creation bonds my baby and I.
Time is awaiting those tiny eyes,
Forming my fetus, my baby and I.
My man, so tense at times, Tanya, don't stress
Yourself out with our baby, you see.
What a joy when my little one arrives
Into this cold, scary, confused world.
My baby and I . . . I will teach my baby well
To understand this scary world.
Life is our baby and my man.
Tis is our first, don't you see—
Time awaits my baby and I.
so excited that this man of mine is holding me closely
Each night after a long day at my busiest job.
My baby, my man, and I,
Our beautiful baby will be born soon.
This bonds us closer, my man and I.
My mother . . . his mother as proud as can be for him,
And me, my mom, my baby, and me, Tanya . . .
Thank you, God's blessing to you.
Peace be unto you, your man, and your unborn child.

by Sharee Ann McMullen

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