My Baby Boy

My baby boy with eyes of blue
heaven must have smiled at you
the day God formed you in his hands
he had for you a special plan.
To give his gift of joy and love he sent an angel from above,
his hands caressed your little face, to fill it with love and grace.
Then when his laughter filled the air
he touched your heart and placed it there
the sweetest part of God's own soul
he poured in you to make you whole.
Then he told the angels to come and see
for the gift was almost complete
Sweet lulabies filled the air for the tiny angel slumbering there.
As angels leaned to kiss your face,
chubby cheeks formed in their place
Tears fell from the angels eyes as 1 by 1 they said good bye
for God would send you down to me
A give from God for the whole world to see.
My baby boy with eyes of blue
God's sweetest gift was sending you.

For my James

by Sharon Reniff

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