My Baby Dream Girl

the dead girl in the closet
was telling me a story
about how she fell from the sky
and a smashed guitar was her best friend
and how all her dolls had no face
an eye drips from her smile
and she tells me about her mommy
and all the talks they didn't have
and how she sang her own death lullaby
without really knowing why
the dead girl in the mirror sang me a song
about a bird being shot in flight
and how a little girl got caught in a house fire
i don't like the way her teeth show
when she tells me about the boy she loved
and how he hurt her every day
and told her she was ugly
and what a whore she used to be
Then this dead girl says how she came to be
why she sits in my closet and stares into the mirror
peeling skin from her wounds
she told me about how everyone left her
and how they all went away
and she told me how lonely it is
to feel happy

by Nellekke Tak

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