My Baby Girl

You wonder why inside your head, how she sleeps so sound in her bed.
so beautiful so calm so nice, ive looked at her sleeping more than twice.
she has the most beautiful smile that makes me melt, gives me feelings ive never felt.
i cant explain the love i feel, that no one can take and noone can steal.
the look on her face when she wakes up and sees, staring at the clouds the birds and the bees.
i love this girl, this sweet innocent look, these beautiful eyes you wont find in a book!
that emotion, that connection you can never give up, to see what i see? i wish you good luck.
im in love with her so much, my heart melts when she talks, seems like yesterday she just started to walk. My baby girl, my love, my life.....daddy loves you and wont give up the fight!
You make the world seem so much better, you cheer me up when im under the weather.
YOU are what makes me love life more, you make me who i am from my skin to my core.your my soul my mind my body and friend, i will watch you grow from start to end.
I love you so much, i can feel my heart bleed, you in my life that is all that i need.
your getting so big, the times flying by, i cant comprehend no matter how hard i try!

Baby girl, i just want you to know i love you so very much, its so hard to describe it.everytime i see you, hear you talk, watch you play.......When you tell me that you 'WUV ME'.............when you hold my hand......give me those sweet little kisses......i know now what true happiness is.
you are my life, no one can EVER take what i feel away from me. no one can EVER know how EXACTLY i feel when i hold you in my arms.
ive found the love of my life and shes my baby girl, my little girl....................
I dont know what i would do without you!

by Andrew liggett

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