My Baby's Mother

There’s something inside me at last
For a long time there was nothing
I gaze at the reflection of my baby’s mother in the mirror
She raises her glass, drinks
And turns away
Pragmatism wins over introspection
Her glass is empty
She already loves her baby more than she has ever loved herself –
But will that be enough?
For him? For her?
She imagines how he will look when he is born
How she will dress him
What sort of man he will become
And knows he will be more than she ever was
Because she will love him
More than her mother ever could
She won’t make those mistakes
Did her mother feel this way?
Think these things,
Love her baby this much?
She doubts it
And touches her tummy
Her baby kicks
More rejection
She turns away from the mirror
And pours another drink

by Elizabeth Russell

Comments (5)

Just read 'The Drunk'. I now have the answer to my question to you, and I really am very sorry. Regards, Gina.
When you said, 'she loved her baby more than she loves herself, ' I couldn't help but wonder how much was she loved as a child herself? Not much, I think, because it goes from generation to generation. Saddest condition and easiest to cure - lack of love.
Wow, this is written with such honesty Elizabeth. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a serious problem here so it's nice that you would try to bring attention to it as you have. Great job. Sincerely, Mary
I agree with Peter. Very clever imagery and again as always so sincere. Gypsy
I like the reflective nature of this poem. Well done. Very mature