My Babygirl

how many ways can I say it?
Te amo, Je t'aime, I love you
and yet all these ways don't come close
to describe how I feel for you

you're slow dancing to love songs
on a deserted beach in the dark
with a full moon bright above us
you taking your place in my heart

being with you is somewhat unreal
better than fast cars and caffine
you make my heart stop and race
each time we purposly make a scene

the roses that I couldn't give you
and the tulips that I gave you lots
are coming soon when we're together
we'll not tell about the tequila shots

I'm allergic to being without you
when we're apart my heart beats very slow
I get in a bad moody funk
its cause I love you more than you know

whether we do it tommorow or wait 2 years
I'll marry you and give you the world
fight, bleed, and cry for what you need
because I love you more than life, my babygirl

by J.D. Crockett

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