My Back Door

The darkness shines through in pain
With reflections sold to tomorrow
The curtains are stained with time
But not enough for me to borrow

Life rushes by my window
But I refuse to peer outside
I'm scared of the gathering masses
Like a coward I choose to hide

Their words are stones of anger
Their reasons gestures of love
Their interests gullible confusion
That I must transcend above

I slip on out the back door
My head so high from smoking tea
I have a feeling of paranoia
Oh my! are they watching me?

I end up down at the crossroads
There alone stands one tree
The pain shines through the darkness
The branches beckon for me

The wind it blows from everywhere
As if it somehow pursued me here
A child appears from behind the tree
And begs me to follow near

But I turn and flee to the crossroads
Where the darkness will rescue me
At a moment of indecision
My body flies against the tree

The smell of burnt rubber I recall faintly
The taste of blood as never before
The grand finale of my freedom
The le premier pas my backdoor

by John Zeller

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Comments (2)

the line: reflections sold to tomorrow, and the following two are mystically delightful! Great work here...
a beautifully dark piece...i enjoy your writing style :) tfs