My Balcony

Sitting on my balcony,
Waiting for the break of dawn,
Hearing the distance wake up call,
Coming from our feathered friends,
Living in the woods beyond.
Resting in the morning silence,
Hearing an inner voice,
Returning to my center,
Knowing I'm in His presence,
Feeling His love around me.
Lifting up my hands in prayer,
Begging for his Blessing everywhere,
Asking for His pure white light,
Knowing it will guide me right,
Showing me the way to Truth!
Watching the sun climb higher in the sky,
Emitting beams of peace and joy,
Radiating rays of pure love,
Beaming with happiness and harmony,
Understanding who's in charge,
Sitting on my balcony,
Focusing on the beauty of nature,
Realizing all life is sacred,
Responding to the call of duty,
Knowing my peace is in His Will.

by Anna B. Kurzweil

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