Gentle Trees

What more pretty can there be
Than rainfall
On gentle trees
On a monless
Starless night

A swirling leaf
Rides on the breeze
Drops of life
Recycled tears
Shed in joy
And sobbed in fears
Falls upon a thousand leaves
Glistening grace
That seamstress weaves
They branch out
With open arms
Welcome in
The cool wet balm
Let it wash
The sunwarmed place
This something good
This something sacred
Try to capture
That first sight
With your words
Of painters plight
Brings all poets
To their knees
When rain falls
On gentle trees

by Dawn Novus

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wonderfully composed piece and creative nice piece my friend keep writing
A composition that is both compelling and creative!
A creatively composed poem. Thanks a lot for allowing us an insight into your poetic thoughts!
Beautiful write that is full of your passion that is lit by an eternal flame!
Liked your expression of love and liking for her.
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