SF (15/4/90 / dampier)

My Bayb Girls Poem Sorry

i covered my eyes
so u kant c inside
i covered my lips
there not pretty anyway
so my words kant take me south
i covered my body
so u kant c da skars
so i kant run afta u
when i say goodbye
welcome back
the big bad wolf is ere
say ur skared
say ur frightened
but please dont say
you hit me
u hurt me
u broke me in 2
said u'd always b there 4 me
yet u werent
u were ment 2 b my boyfwend
yet u left me alone
to fend for my self
123 mama bounced you on her knee
aint it funny what may seem
my perfect world 2 b a dream...
blood is all around
i kant believe the sound
asking all my fwends
is it over...
never kuld believe it could end this way
had it all in life
threw it all away
things were simple
had my bayb
he had me
guess love wasnt on ur mind
the dae u said goodbye
n left me alone! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

by simi faey

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