To Write A Poem/ Is To Have Hope


To write a poem
Is to have Hope,
Even if only for the poem-
When I lose hope completely
I will write no more poems.

by Shalom Freedman

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your mother's blessings is with you.the way you loved and respected your mother is always appriciated.
This is great, it touches hearts and brings tears to eyes, I pray, May God bless your Mom and all mothers passed away. They are not repeatable.
I have read this poem before but had to come back and read it again. My mother also passed away at a young age, and your poem helps remind me of her. Thank you so much for your talent and for sharing!
I loved the way you called me ‘Geeta', Calling me again and again Till your last breath, As if you were chanting a Mantra, Or a song that chimed with the cool breath of a scented breeze! You are exception in poetic world...thanks
Who does not remember a mother, alive or no more? But very few can with such eloquent poetry. Thanks for sharing.
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