My Beautiful Lee

Her love, it flowed through all who met her.
Her simple kindness, it was as long as a river with no ending.
Her laugh was with mischief and delight.
With twinkles in her eyes, she would have won your heart at first sight.
Oh, heavenly Father, thank you for giving us fifty-three (53) years of this wonderful soul.
Lee is with you now.
She will never grow old.

Our beloved daughter, sister, aunt, mother, and friend,
Yes, she was all roles with many worries.
She carried many burdens to the very end.
Child number eight (8) out of her mother's womb.
It is not up to us to question whether she is gone too soon.
She sought love, carried love, and struggled with love to keep pace.
The love she had for her kids was maintained with grace.

As we come together on this solemn day,
Our pain feels unbearable, our suffering will be long.
We are all in disbelief but death, I believe, knows no right or wrong.
We remember her fondly but yet, some regrets- of lost opportunities and broken promises.
Our sadness will be great.
For me, more tears will follow, I strongly anticipate.

I love her dearly and I have no shame.
She is my aunt and Leola is her name.
With our Lord and Savior, peace she has found.
But I miss her so.
When I hear a joke, I rush to call her.
Then stop to remind myself, she's no longer around.
She has found the greatest love.
That gives me comfort.
I shall keep you in my heart and your memories strong.
It is difficult but I must carry on.

I wrote this poem for all to read.
Just how much you mean to me.
In my parting, I shall say.
I shall love you every day.
And when I pass a weeping willow or magnolia tree,
I shall think,
My beautiful Lee, your spirit is now free.

by Marie WardAlonge

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