My Beautiful Rose

The weather is great
the sun is shining
And out there is my rose
With a foxglove intertwining

The rose is my pride
Its flowers colored a beautiful red
flowerleafs so soft, so delicate
the plant well-nourished
and well-fed

Its odour is nothing short
of a play for my senses
I take a small sniff
And the experience intenses

The garden needs tending
As small as it is
Whirly weeds infesting
my little bliss

What a happy day this will be
With the sun shining
A slight, ocean-like breeze
And nothing else to do
but my garden

it needs tending

by Frank Ammerlaan

Comments (5)

The garden needs tending! Nice work.
Your poem and its words are exactly beautiful as you your Rose. The pictured you added gives an odor to the words of the poem. It'll be perfect if you can take many pictures of this rose and put them in a video with your reading of the poem, just an idea. Thanks for sharing this poem.. Keep up.
A lovely little garden and poem. Keep writing! !
Your poem is biut'ful and attractive. I enjoyed reading it. God bless you
It's a lovely poem depicting the legendary beauty of the rose flower and its place in hearts of people. A well articulated piece of poetry nicely penned. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.