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My Beautiful Sunshine

My beautiful sunshine
At night you turn into a twinkling star
My beautiful sunshine
In the light, By you I'm dazzled from afar

I want to reach out and touch you
Whilst you shine your light at me from near distance
But all I can really do, Yes! really, really do and its true!
Is caress your face with my smile this very instance

My beautiful sunshine
Winter to my heart will soon makes its way
For now I hold onto your warmth which is mine
I sing sweet melodies in your delightful rays
Coaxing your heart to sing to me and play

When winter comes announced again
Your memories will take away all the pain
Whether it snows or it decides to rain
O! my beautiful sunshine, I will wait for you
To shine your light on me once gain

Copyright 2006 Sylvia Chidi

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A sweet poem of love. Love, Gina.