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My Beauty Lady...
HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

My Beauty Lady...

for you i sent a bouquet of letters..
which its a rare of fondness meanning..
just for you, my beauty lady..
to your shining eyes, i gave you my love,
my passion and my posy...

to your Gypsy lineaments,
i gave you my good impression..

to a pure heart which i knew,
i gave you my honesty..

to the endless love with you,
i will giving you the remainder of my life,
and what ever still from my longing....

your passion my lady.
grow up in my heart,
and from yours is welling up...
and you gave it to me,
in a beginning of my life..
and with a sweet of my life...
with a shining morning..
in a nice date..
under drizzle rain..
there we met..in that world..
me and you...

my lady..
your love became my world
with your love i live..
and dream
and adore,
and i will die...

my lady..
here i`m agian..
in a same palce,
but in a different time..
waiting for you agian..
waiting with heart, didn`t knew any heart, after yours
waiting to sundown..and a new moon..
and then maybe i will die,
or waiting for anther new day
to the end of my life...

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