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My Beloved

In the midst of this ephemeral moment in time
...Near to the field where love once played
I find my older self very much in full bloom
...Where once feelings were tucked neatly away.

Just the feel of sunlight beaming stirs me-
...It awakens my heart once and again
Sweet memories of our wedding day comes around
...Reminding me of just where our hearts have been.

It's been 50 years of trials and tests
...Of genuine deep love that in the end always wins
It's the gentle knowing in our heart of hearts- -
...That given the chance - we would do it all again.


I have a heart full of roses
My eyes are fill with fire
My lips are ready for your kiss
My body is filled with desire

You and i have found our perfect splendor in the grass-
As your thighs are gently wrapped around mine...
A gentle nibble upon your ear - my dear
Your lips as sweet as wine...

Loving you is all i want now and forever
I am so blessed that you are truly mine
Little did i know 50 years ago when we married
That God had given to me a husband most divine.

I Love You, Gary.

April 7, 2017
Our 50th Anniversary

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Lucky those whose love is steadfast and wins over all human grime. No greater gift has heaven know than that of love that resists, The stifling and some what deadly strangle of passing Time. You're poem is a romantic dream. Known by very few and expressed like only a great poet can do. Very touching, indeed!
We celebrated 50 years together on April 7. In this world where so much darkness and evil has evolved - it feels good to know that in our older age...gray hair, wrinkles and all - that we still love one another so very much and if we had to do it all over again...get married again - we wouldn't even have to think twice about doing that. My husband is a very much a part of my being as i am his. i haven't been well lately and he has been so good to me - taking care of me everyday...