My Beloved Dog

Today, while I sit in my chair to rest,
I reminisce again the time I love best.
In my mind's eye once more I can see,
My mother is giving a Schnauzer puppy to me.

Gretchen was chosen to be her name,
She was a delight when into our life she came.
We pampered her and watched her grow,
She is intelligent and always curious to know.

Now she barks incessantly - sits up and begs,
Hops up on the sofa easily - even with short legs.
She sleeps on the bed - keeping our feet warm,
When startled by a noise - she sounds like a horn.

Scintillating are her eyes focused where you stand,
Extending her paw to seek your hand,
Or follows you wherever you go - frisky yet meek,
Quickly, the ears upraised to hear you speak.

She is a real blessing - a love that will never bend,
Strong is her loyalty and would face death to the end.
She plays, guards, and protects us each passing day,
The memories of our Gretchen will never fade away.

by Joseph T. Renaldi

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Dogs. Poems. They go well together.