My Best Friend

Dad - You have been an extraordinary friend,
You were always giving me a helping hand,
Your hovering attentiveness soothed my problems,
And encouraged me to always take a firm stand.

You were aware of my physical and emotional pain,
And helped reduce my fretting and daily fears,
Stood at my side when problems seemed unsolvable,
With handkerchief in hand, wiping away my tears.

You held my hand and walked with me
When the pace was overwhelmed with strife,
Instilling a perpetual courage in my mind,
Admonishing wrong, teaching the positive aspects of life.

Your wisdom and display of interest and concern
Enlightened my life and gave new courage to my heart.
You never appeared to be weary, just standing by,
Quietly assuming your responsibility - doing your part.

Now that you are deceased, and as I older grow,
I realize you were the best friend I ever had.
Regretfully, I never said what you meant to me,
So I gratefully will say - ' God bless you, Dad.'

by Joseph T. Renaldi

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