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' My Best Friend '
GW (24-3-38 / Bolton Lancashire England)

' My Best Friend '

He is my best friend
a pal on who I can depend.
We are always together,
I love him in a funny sort of way
but I hasten to add, I’m certainly not gay

He always gets all the attention
I’m sure he goes out with that intention.
Females fondle him quite unashamedly,
whilst I observe with a tinge of envy.

But he is a real good looking guy
a guy that attracts admiring female glances
and oh boy he certainly gets his chances.
Yet from birth when he learned to walk
my best friend has never been able to talk.
He understands everything that I say,
he communicates with me in his own special way.

Tonight we are watching the TV
but I am bored, it’s a re-run on BBC.
I glance at the clock it’s quarter to nine
the weather outside is warm and fine
I say ‘‘ lets go to the pub
for a few glasses of ale.”
He jumps up makes for the door
wagging his tail.

Need I say more, my best friend is
A handsome Labrador

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Ahhh! ! ! ! I've enjoyed this one Gordon, very clever, I know what you mean by a best friend, I've got two. (English Cocker Spaniels) . My grandfather had two black labradors, when I was a child, and I loved them to pieces. Lovely breed. Sincerely Ernestine Northover.