My Best Friend

She's always there beside me no matter where I go
In the darkest of the night and even in the snow
She loves me as no other, she's loyal to the core
As far as a companion, I couldn't ask for more.

She's always there to greet me in the morning when I rise
She never will desert me, she never will despise
She's always there beside me when I think that I might cry
And forever looks at me with that love light in her eyes.

I can share my secrets 'cause I know she'll never tell
She's always there beside me when I'm not feeling well
She asks so little of me only kindness, love and care
She's such a loyal friend, we make a lovely pair.

Together we will sit by the fire in the night
Her head upon my lap, Her eyes are closed real tight
I'll stroke her silky hair as sparks fly off the log
My loyal friend companion, my confidant, my dog.

by Grace Burke

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