Basket Ball We Don't Play

On the east side of the Palm Beach County Jail
there are inmates that feel they have failed.
Not only are they locked inside—they can't play
play basketball let alone see the light of day.
Yes, a basketball court is set up on the east side
it sits vacant, no humans play on court with pride.
This is the jail in West Palm Beach on Gun Club Road
hasn't been used for a very long time I am told.
Now isn't it sad in this present day
that we treat humans like this now what do you say?
I say this is inhumane to not let inmates go outside
it is very cruel. Can you just deny?
Deny them such of a humane thing
doesn't this make your ears really ring?
Now let's bring consciousness on how jails are run
for this great nation, even inmates need some fun.

Written by Christina Sunrise on December 28,2018

by Christina Sunrise

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what a beaytiful poem, thats brins a tear to my eye really it does.