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My Best Friend/Thank-You
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My Best Friend/Thank-You

Poem By JRose S

True and kind
always there beside me in times of trouble
when I am blue
I know that I can always look to you for support

Tears that fall fast down my face
You quickly wipe them away and tell me it will be ok
You’re always there to guide me
even when far away.

Now I hope that I can do the same for you as you have done for me
I will always be by your side
You’re always in my heart
And nothing will ever change that

I’m always a call away
Whenever you need me I’m always here
I’ll never ignore you
I will always do my best to help you in times of need

I’ll help in anyway possible
For you have always helped me
I hope to be there for you
And help keep a smile upon your face

You’re my best friend
And I could never lose you
You mean so much to me
So I would like to give you a long awaited thank-you

You’ve done so much for me
As you still are
I hope to repay you as much as I can
Though I know it will never be enough

In times of trouble and need
You’ve been there for me
So thank-you once again
My forever best friend

[August 12,2006]

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