My Best Savings: Parent's Love

Come, let's know my deep-hearted feelings
How my parent's love is my best savings?

Mom for me is Goddess on Earth
She becomes complete after my birth
Her love for me have no worth
She is complete nature's glare
Her lap for me is king-size chair
I'm the first emotion of my mother
After me she've nor emotions other
I wish God, to don't pale my Mom's love for me
She is a dove, a symbol of love for me.

Dad for me is protector on Earth
His world becomes active after my birth
His care for me have no worth
He is complete responsibility's statue
He is only for me, my virtue
I'm the whole world for my father
After me he've no world another
I wish God, to don't pale my Dad's care for me
He is a superhero, a symbol of power for me.

This is all about my deep-hearted feelings
i.e. Parent's love is my best savings.

by Veer Dhiman

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