AR (3/18/1979 / San Jose', California)

Why Me

[WHY] did yu have to hurt me[? ]
[WHY] did yu have to lie[? ]
[WHY] couldn't yu ever look me in the eyes[? ]
[was] I not what yu wanted[? ]
[did] yu want more[? ]
[did] I make yu feel trapped[? ]
[WHY] did yu have to hurt me[? ]

by Shayla DeWitt

Comments (3)

is this about muah? I love you baby girl - nothing comes close to us and nothing ever will!
I like it, it flows really well and is emotional. You clearly are very lucky to have such good friends. keep writing One Tap
A real good poem, Angel as most of your poems look like dairy entries.This one show your helplessness in true colour making me feel it deeply