My Bestie The Mirror!

Oh! the mirror, the mirror with the wooden frame,
you were my friend, when you were true to me,
you were my well wisher,
when you showed me my faults and errors!
you were my very good listener,
when i talked to you and you listened to me hours together!
Oh! the mirror, The mirror with the metal edges,
you were my gusto, when you inspired me constantly
and taught me how to be frank just like you; you were my best ally
when you enriched my smile, showing me, my look when i'm angry,
Whenever i drowned myself, looking at yourself,
i remember your help in building up myself.
Oh! the mirror with the copper finishing,
you were so positive and life affirming,
when you showed me, how dim i look, when i cry
and tried to bring back my smile, atleast you made me try,
you taught me to be myself; you were my teacher,
when you hear my speech and helped me overcome my fear,
Oh! the four feet high mirror,
you were true to me and made me clear,
that you are the one and only who never hid anything from others
you were the witness of my transformation and made me feel better,
Even on the day you broke into pieces and fragments,
' nothing is permanent in this world' is the lesson you taught me with that incident!

by Pranayee Gupta Rachamalla

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