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My Big Brother
NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

My Big Brother

Poem By Not Long Left

my big brother,
is so great,
he reads me stories,
and gives me cake.
he gives me big cuddles
and sloppy wet kisses,
he jumps in big puddles,
and has two orange fishes,
one called Tom and one called Jerry,
they open there mouths really big,
how come they dont sink.
my big brother is so clever,
he can make his own juice,
but never ever,
goes near the knives,
cause they can cut you,
and make you cry
he sometimes writes big
words which i dont
but he holds my hands,
and tells me what they mean,
last night i had a bad dream,
and i wet the bed,
he did not laugh,
he helped mum run the bath,
and gave me his favourite teddy,
he is the very very very
best brother,
and when we both get big,
we are going to look
after one and other.
he will be a policeman,
and i will be a soldier
we will live in a castle,
never getting older,
or not past 58,
thats how old nanny is,
and she dont look so great

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