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My Biggest Fear
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My Biggest Fear

Poem By Pam Fraser

I have this feeling it’s called fear
I have the fear of who will be dying or will I be next?
If I stop think about “how can I have myself prepare? “.
This fear is consuming me.
It’s like stealing something from me.

I don’t know what it is….
How to deal with it
I want to see it........

Can anyone help me to see?
Does this feeling go away?
Are these feelings real or fake.

I also have a fear of not achieving my dreams
That thought makes me want to scream.
I have Fear of my life.Every day that’s not much
I could say on that, I try give it my strife

The real world gives me fear too.
Sometimes, “I wish everything would disappear
Instead appear into fear”.

The Fear of losing my mother before I am ready to let her go.
What road do I take so I won’t let fear win.
Fear takes my thoughts of losing my husband, and
losing one of my children too.
Even though, I almost did loose a child.

I can let the fear, do what it is doing..
I fear of losing my dearest friend.
I am sorry I cant pretend that fear is not here.

The fear of my own death and the cause of it will be?

I don’t want to see.

The fear of my lifestyle should it be the way it should be lived?

or should it be change?

Do I dear change it, but how?

I know that I have a fear of being alone.

It’s the unknown

Is My Biggest Fear

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