My Biggest Regret

I wish everyday,
I could look at your face
And tell you that,
I'm sorry.
Take the mistakes that I've made.
Wash them away.
In hopes that tomorrow,
Will bring a new day.
But tomorrow comes,
I'm still stuck in this place.
Of wanting to look you in the face,
And tell you that,
I am sorry.

I regret that I ever caused you pain,
Like a fool I continued,
Then lost my way.
Tonight I sit here writing.
Hoping tomorrow will be the day,
I can tell you,
I am sorry.

Please if you can still believe,
You are everything special to me.
All the careless ways I behave.
All the love that was lost.
Deep within so much pain.
A sorrow that will never go away.
How I wish I could look you in the face
And tell you,
I am sorry.

~Written by Marti: 2006~ hoping that you will see this, so you know.

by Marti

Comments (2)

Its sad when you cant tell them how you feel. i live with my regret everyday of my life. keep up the good work
that's realli nice! ! ! very expressive! ! keep on writing! ! ! =) take care! ! ! <3