(14 april / Authopedic hosp.Enugu)

My Birthday

may the day live forever on which i was born
may that day be full of light
may the light of God shine upon it
may life and light claim it
never shall a cloud settle on it
may the brightness of the day cover it
may it rejoice among the days of the year
may it come into the number of the months
on April 14th many years ago
it was said that a male child is born
oh may that day be fruitful
never shall one born on that day be barren
may joyous shout come into it
may the stars of that day be bright
because it did not alloe me to be a still born
nor did it expose sorrows to my eyes
and did not let me die at birth
i was never hidden like a still born
as a child i was at ease and at rest
but now that i am grown
i am no longer at ease because trouble comes

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