CK (25/02/1984 / South Africa)

My Bitter End

You left me alone in the rain on a Saturday night,
screaming your name I held on tight
to the piece of cotton I tore from your shirt,
like a handfull of thorns everything hurt.
Watching you walk away my heart sank deep,
I fell to the ground and started to weep

On my knees I sat and cried,
for hours I sat alone outside.
Screaming your name, I swore unashamed.
and when all was black and my eyes blood shot
my head was spinning and I felt like a sot.
I eventually got up and stumbled along
and everything I thought I knew felt so wrong

My heart is shattered and I'm in pain,
cold and alone I walk in the rain
with this broken heart and millions of tears cried
I suddenly realized that I was dead inside.
Without your love and not one friend
my easiest way out was my end.

by Carike Klokow

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End of the pain, that's how it should be, move on! Coming back to the poem, you've captured the pain really well! Preets