My Blue Canvas

Sun-soaked kisses dazzle me from under my shady tree,
The breeze neither chilly nor hot.
A content, life-filling, warm breeze.
The ocean blue sky above my head.
Random white clouds painted across an aquamarine canvas.
The cool, damp grass feels like rain drops under the heat of my skin.
Walking around the tree just listening to the rustling of the leaves.
The feel of the blades of grass between my toes
Cooling my body temperature under the blazing glare of the sun.
Heat finally getting to me when the clouds dissipate.
A bead of sweat building up near the temple of my head.
My thoughts traveling back to those nights spent in your arms,
Vividly remembering the rocks at the lake.
Sharp as they were, they still held us strong near the edge.
A childish smile on my face as I soaked up the rays of the sun;
My feet dangling in the lake as we talk and skip rocks.
Laughter filling the space between us as I splash water your way.
Easily drenching me by throwing bigger rocks in the water near me.
Those days holding me in your arms underneath the sun...
Embraced by safety and love.
Those days are the happiest memories I have.

by Isabella Night

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