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My Boyfriend


Hes the light of my life
the one i can always go to.
Complete happiness and joy
says i'll never need someone new.

Before I was never confident
and was never happy with my self.
Before I was never truly me
and thought happiness was bought with wealth.

Now I have come to relize
that one particular boy
can change the was a person looks at life
and create everlasting joy.

For this I thank him
from the bottem of my heart
and i've always had a crush on him
even from the start.

'You never know how happy you are
until you've hit rock bottem'
are special words he said to me
and will never be forgotten.

The joy I feel to see his face
and the appearance of a smile
are only a few of the things
that make everything worth while.

When we hug each other
my cheek finds the perfect place on his chest
as if they were truly made for eachother
and this is undescribably the best.

Firts and foremost he is my boyfriend
but secondly he is my friend.
My one true sunshine,
forever till the end!

Love Always,

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Roald Dahl


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oohh! ! how sweet... very good! ! i luv it! -shell