My Brain Is An Elastic Hose

My brain is an elastic hose
It stretches and grows, bulging with knowledge
And as watertight as a new ship
But as I grow older, I find that
My elastic hose of knowledge has sprung a few leaks
And I neither have patience to apply more tar
Nor stay where I am in one spot for another few years to fix the leaks
So I must keep traveling on, a damaged ship
Buffeted by the Winds of Woeful Words,
The Storms of Discontent and Argument,
And the Doldrums of Depression and a Decided Lack of Romance
It's not easy to sail through these uncharted waters unscathed;
We all pick up a few nicks and scrapes wherever we go
But though my ship is tossed about, she is sturdy, too
And able to bear the hardships she comes across
In order to finally reach her final destination and buried reward

by Cherie Mort

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Very nice very profound
Very nice flow love it