My Broken Heart Can'T Be Repaired

Poem By dino evans

Our time had passed so suddenly, no time to be prepared,
Lost between the lines the words got lost in tears I've shed,
I can't hear your voice my heart can't be repaired,
Caught inside the gentleness, your smile, trapped in my head.

All that I imagined that you said, was 'I love you',
And all that I could say, was just the same,
Nothing there was in between, I walked the avenue
And all that I could do, was cry your name,

The moments came and went so fast, I hadn't time to think,
Of all that I had wanted you to see,
I imagined what you sounded like but gone in just a wink,
And the rain that fell from blue skies, rained on me,

I stopped what I was writing, in the middle of the song,
The melody had lost the sound I knew,
Each note was now so out of place, not where it should belong,
Time stopped, and for that moment, all was you,

Imaging I had you there, the nights spent in the sand
The silence filled the noise inside my thought,
I listened to the words, the music poured out from the band
Too much to take, the heartache that it brought

Everything was in the song, I listened to the voice,
But all, I knew was coming from your heart,
All that I could do was try to feel, I had no choice,
It seemed the feeling lost, at least in part

Remembering a long lost time, the girl I loved so much
I can't recall, or hear the soft sweet sound,
I've been alone without you, far too long, and so as such
My mind is scattered, shattered on the ground,

My days now pass in solitude alone, with you in mind
Deep within the shadow that you cast
This seems to me so unreal, lost, stretched out in time,
I feel the clock has stopped, but spins too fast,

Sooner than you think the time goes by us, just a breeze,
The mist of time that keeps us so apart,
I've held onto hold your memory, and sometimes I believe
But nothing can repair my broken heart

DEAN EVANS 10-20-07

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I feel the clock has stopped, but spins too fast. True feelings of a sad person

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