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My Broken Leaf
HDP (1977-11-04 / South Africa)

My Broken Leaf

Poem By Helgard du Preez

Thy now I stand with grief,
the pain has shook my heart,
I am a tree without a leaf,
all the roots drained, I have no part.

The sun is shining, no more,
the rain overflooded my veins,
the lightning strikes without a roar,
split into pieces, with no remains.

What I have thought was the beginning,
was indeed the end,
I have longed a life with meaning,
How will I ever mend?

How can mother nature be so cruel?
She promised me fruit for life,
call me naive, call me a fool,
you have cut me out with a knife.

I felt the unbalancing nature,
did she find a new seed?
Now who will provide my cater?
I cry out to you, I am in need.

I ask mother nature to be honest with me,
where do I stand? , be forward be straight,
where is my future, what do you see?
I want to carry your fruit, is it too late?

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Comments (8)

Great poem, Helgard Congratulations!
I liked your poem it was simple and nice.keep writing :)
Well, Herbert it seems like you like demorilizing almost everyone's spirit's on here. Your comment doesn't bring me down. I'm not really a poet at all, i posted it here to join this community and enjoy everyone's poems. Besides, the poem has meaning to me, maybe not to you, but thats fine.Your'e comments make no sense, ive read your other comments. Good grieve, hope i don't get to be an old grumpy man like you, you should try to smile a abit, it really helps...
And as far as this poem is concerned, wow. If there is anything worthwhile about it I have not found it. H
Well Aram, sometimes people who THINK they are poets also think they are critics. The world is full of incompetence.