Rest After

Life does not make us to breathe smoothly
As it is shrouded with mystery
Somehow it tries to puzzle
And make us to struggle

It is as if testing our patience
Exposes to tough chance
Compelling to find other means
And make bid to have upper hand with gain

Sometimes it hurts gravely
Even if you face it bravely
Either you bow down to pressure
Or come out with courage to assure

We need to make hard choice
As life is full of promises too
How does the river push the away?
Even though stones are blocking the way

Life is our teacher
With lot many things to offer
Have Courage, keep passion and work hard
These are the clues with simple words

Life makes you to bend like tree
When laden with fruits and to offer it free
You have become now giant and in capacity to offer
People may visit and rest after coming over

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Happy birthday to my brother x
This is a wonderful, sweet, piece about a little girl's love for her brother. A very heartwarming thing to read. I wish such love were with all families. GW62