My Brother

This person has helped me since I was small
he has stood by my side and guided me through it all.
Especially when I was a little child
and I seemed to be extremely wild.
He'd smile down at me and hand me a toy
then of course I'd fill up with pride and joy.
He told me secrets no one else knew
and he'd try to cheer me up when I'd feel blue.
Our family fell apart as we grew stronger
he promised we'd always be together even though our family It was so sad when my family finally fell apart
Everyone reluctantly began to depart.
We all went our seperate ways
losing track of our lives and many special days.
My brother and I stayed together longer
but the bond between us didn't seem to get any stronger.
In fact the bond seemed to be getting weak
and now it seems as if we barely speak.

by Emma Fields

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