DSH (In The Fifties! / Baden, PA)

My Brother, Al

Al, you are older than me,
But I am afraid I am getting wiser than thee,
I know you hurt as much as he,
At the loss of our dear mother, she.

You won the John Phillip Susa Prize,
In high school long, long ago,
But on to FSU you went with jaded eyes,
And beer drinking and pool shooting your major would go.

On to Florida College where you excelled,
Perfect pitch in chorus and your bit part in the play,
And the coveted Greek award you did take away,
Only to go back to beer drinking and pool shooting the Pizza Hut way.

Through the years you sired two sons,
I know you love them and their offspring as one,
It is my hope that you will see more and more of those ones,
And play with your granddaughters and grandsons.

And now you called me and we are reunited,
I am living On the Edge at the Edge quite decided,
And you are in the Country of the Town,
I hope that you will wise up and stop being a clown.

What lays ahead no one knows,
But I hope that we can stay in touch,
And share some special times together,
And stick it out through the bad weather.

Now you are an accountant like our Dad,
Please don’t ever be a cad,
Always strive to do your honest best,
And leave it up to the Lord for the rest.

The End

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