My Brother Got Married

My brother got married yesterday,
and our home felt empty some how.
First, my sister married and gone away,
then he did it too and i'm so alone now.
They'll have their own lives,
and they will have children of their own.
They'll fight different strives,
and where they are now became home...
T.v is all mine and all too,
no one to fight with me over a silly thing.
I'll live like that for a while through,
till i marry some one and wear his ring.
I'll eat what i want any time,
and all the beds are mine to sleep in them.
But my brother and sister aren't mine,
they are some one else's,
such a great change happened to them.
My sister became a wife,
and my brother is a husband and a new groom.
They'll say i'm in their life,
and that i have in their place a big room.
It feels like it's the end of our family,
we will have our own families some day.
My mom will be a grandmother eventually,
and to be together again it'll take a long way.
But that's how life is,
birth, growing up and a wedding.
Look at my lonliness,
if some one told me i'll say you are kidding.
When my sister got married, i said,
i still have my brother and he still has a long way.
But the long way ended to(i'll be wed) ,
i wonder will i become like them one day? ? ?

by Eman Awad

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