My Brother Michael

your a brother that i can always turn to,
you might of dropped me when i was little but now ur always there to pick me up when i fall,
your the brother i know i can tell my darkest secrets to an they're kept safe,
your the brother i look to when i need advice,
when im hurt and sad your always the one i wanna call and hug coz you tell me everythings gunna be alright,
even if we dont think it at the time,
when we're together an if we're scared u put on a brave face an hold it all together and dont let it show'
when im in trouble an someones hurt me your always the first one to jump up and ask who an where do they live,
you are well and truly the best brother a little sister could ask for even if all of us werent toghether for 10 years,
you hold the keys to my darkest secrets,
if you were suddenly to be gone i dont know what id do id feel so lost without you,
i know you'll do well in life an you make me proud to say that ur my BIG BROTHER

by bianca crawford

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