My Brother The Soldier

Kerry should have won.
I thought Bush would of had a run.
But no,
America is too stupid to see what is happening to the middle class kid.
We are becoming poorer.
While the rich are becoming richer.
Can't hardly afford health care.
While the millionaires become billionaires.
Kerry would have brang some troops home.
Now Bush is sending troops everywhere, what's next Rome?
My Bro could have had a chance of not going to the middle east.
But now that we empowered a beast,
He's going over there.
It really gives everyone in our family a scare.
What if he died?
Every time I thought of this I've cried.
So while you are reading this poem,
Just think about what I've said.
And think about if your nearest sibling was found dead.
How would you feel?
Probably not too good.
By suporting Bush, middle class is changing into the hood.
So oppose Bush just for my bro.
I promise you, it'd do America a pro.
Go, go, go and retaliate,
You could just be deciding my Brother's fate!

by Not Telling Not Telling

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this popems is so true we have been through this war for years now and many MANY of our family has deid form one freaking person! ! !