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My Brown Eyed Girl

You lie there
Your eyes look at me from beneath
your pink blanket
Your sweet nose rests on
your puppy paws
Don't grow old, my brown eyed girl.

You chase the ball through
fallen leaves.
You bring it back, your eyes
and your tail
Don't slow down, my brown eyed girl.

Wazzoll, jejoo, sweetness pie;
so many names to call you
I want you to speak but
you never will.
I love you Madison,
don't ever die;
my brown eyed girl.

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wow this is the best poem i have ever read! congratulations, you are a poet in the making, well actually not in the making, you are a poet and a superb one at that! i will be looking forward to reading more of your beautiful, emotionally touching, brilliant poems which have magnificent imagry, description, detail and style! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !