JMC ( / Elkins, WV, USA)

My Buddy And Me

Hey pal, give me a light,
Boy ain't I am awesome sight,
The clothes they kind of cling to me,
And the air I breathe is failing, see. Say Bud, make it a dime,
A cup of coffee to unwind,
Say Buddy, throw in a buck,
For I'm thirsty, hungry, down on my luck. The road for him was just next door,
A quiet dim let liquor store,
The man inside was our bad luck,
Gave us a slug to make this buck. So blinded by our misery,
Stood the man and I who couldn't see,
There seemed to be a muttered sound,
Man home folks sure have let me down. Later on we took a fix,
Man alcohol and drugs don't mix,
Yet there are many people, many a friend
Still on that road called, "might have been."

by Joseph M. Conti

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