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My Burning
MP (November 4th 1991 / Lake City, FL)

My Burning

I stand there in the sand
Waiting for you to grad my hand
But you never come
So I start to run

I run as fast as I can
To a far away land
Where my destiny is never ending
For this road just keeps on bending

It twist, turns and curves
With my luck I wont return
I don't know when to turn around
This confusion I have bound

When should I return?
Or should I run until I burn?
For this shrieking hot day
Is wiping my memories away

Of you were my memories fond
But we never had a good chance to bond
For you never came to see me
Which cost me my own leaving

You were to busy with her
To notice what we were
So I guess this is good-bye
I can't have you tell me one more lie

You cost me my own burning
So now I hope your hurting
What you did to me
I wish you could just see

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this one is my favorite! U did awesome on this one! LOVE IT! ! !