MDH (1991-? ? ? / illinois)

My Cancer: (

Soon I will die
and I want you to know
I wish you all luck
before I must go

this cancer I have
is deep in my side
spreading so quickly
destroying my life

the poems I write
help ease the pain
but not enough
it's hard to explain

one month ago
I found this out
when the doctor said
that time's running out

I don't want to die
I want to stay
but god calls me closer
each and every day

when I die
remember me
your lucky
cause you still get to be

I know this is short
but so is my life
I can't help it
I'm about to die

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Michael I hate to here you are fighting the awful fight! I have recently been diagonisis with cancer my self tears starting flowing as i read this so well witten itis all so true I wish you the best of luck to you! I will pray that you concer the unconceble!
Strength and heart all in this piece....
Your poetry cuts me up and spits me out. There are plenty of people here to talk to, so you don't have to feel alone. I guess I'm lucky - I've had cancer since 1981, and the doctors tell me I have aways to go, but you never know.
keep writing till your last breath. don't be afraid of the other side calling. it will be beautiful God welcomes you you will be back.